4 Advantages Of Having Amazing Kitchen Design


Remember that time when you wish you could have some extra space in that corner so you could buy that big new mixer that you’ve been eyeing lately? Or if you had just wished that your cabinet could have those extra few inches so you could squeeze in your new dishwasher?

When you’re thinking about redesigning your kitchen, you want to make sure that you are taking all of those things into consideration. So that when you’re making those modifications, or buying new kitchen appliances in the future, you’d have enough space to make those changes without having to call the kitchen remodeler in just so you can shift some things around. And the worst part about doing that is that you’ll end up spending at least a grand if a remodeling contractor has to come in.

You can prevent that by just planning those things out ahead of time


Kitchens are all about functionality. This is where your family will spend most of their time. So you want to make sure that you are planning things out very carefully and that there’s not a single place in the kitchen that does not serve a purpose.

There’s a corner in your kitchen where there are no sockets where you can plug your smoothie mixer in? Make sure you get a socket in there. Who knows, you children might even sit on the counter in that corner and plug their phone charger in.

When you have a functional kitchen, it is so much easier to work in there. And the opposite is true when you only think about the looks and not about how you would like it to be.

It can become very frustrating very fast.

So, the next question is, how do you decide what things are important for your kitchen?

Notice your movement patterns in your current kitchen. See what bottlenecks you are facing right now and the things that you can change to fix those.

What other things do you think you can change so you can work smoothly in the kitchen?

Make note of those things and make sure that you include those changes in your next kitchen remodeling project. Those are the things that are important to you.

Remember, there’s no point reading article about what makes a kitchen functional. Sure, there are some common things that everyone does in the kitchen, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to you as an individual.

Your preferences and priorities. How you work and what things you prefer having in the kitchen


We are expecting multiple people to be in the kitchen at the same time. So you want to make sure that there’s enough distance between appliances so people can use them simultaneously and not have to wait for the other person to move out of the way.

For instance, in my old kitchen, the drawers where we used to keep all the utensils was on the same side of the counter where I used to cut vegetables. This means that whenever I’m cutting vegetables or working on that side of the counter, I would block all those drawers and no one would be able to get a single spoon without me having to move out of that spot. That was a huge bottleneck.

So when we remodeled our kitchen, I made sure that the corner in which I’m working in, there are only cabinets – no drawers. All the drawers and utensils are now on the other side of the oven. Which means that I can do my work without being interrupted all the time.


Oh this is a big one. And people mess this one up all the time, including me.

It is easy to fall into the trap of trying to make things look fancy and as attractive as you see in those cooking shows or in those sitcoms where their kitchens just look amazing. Remember, those are just set pieces. No one cooks food there.

You want to make sure that you are smart with your kitchen storage.

Start by making a list of all the things you use on a daily basis in your kitchen. Now make sure that you place all of those things in a place where you can easily reach them.

Now that you’ve done that, you want to move on to the next thing – reducing the clutter from your counter-tops. This is important. Having a messy counter-top is a recipe for a messy, not so good cook. And everybody wants to be a great cook.

So make sure that you have enough cabinet space to take all of that clutter off your counter-tops. Again, you can arrange these  things by how frequently you use them. If you use them regularly, you want to make sure that you keep those things near where you’ll spend most of your time in the kitchen

Calling The Kitchen Remodeling Experts

I know keeping all those things in mind when renovating your kitchen can become quite daunting. That’s the reason why we do what we do here at Aurora Kitchen Remodeling. We want to make sure that the whole process of remodeling your kitchen goes as smoothly and easily as possible. And the end result is exactly how you imagined it. And that your entire family loves spending as much time as they can in the kitchen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is kitchen hygiene so important?

You want to make sure that the space you’re working in is as clean as possible. This includes personal hygiene as well. Because, this is the food that your whole family will be eating. It’s a big responsibility and an honor to have people eat the food you’re cooking. If you don’t have proper hygiene, they could end up being ill, having food poisoning or in some cases their allergies might kick in due to food contamination.

Not only that, if your kitchen has pests like cockroaches or other kinds of worms, your family or friends could end up with some serious health conditions because of that.

So, even if you think you’re not a great cook, you want to make sure that you are following proper kitchen hygiene and keeping your friends and family safe.

What is an ideal kitchen?

That’s a good question.

An ideal kitchen is a kitchen where you have enough light coming in. That’s the first and the most important thing. You want to make sure that sunlight is able to come in without it having anything blocking. Being in sunlight is directly correlated to happiness and proper hormonal balance. So you want to make sure you have that figured out in your kitchen.

The next thing is the windows. You want to make sure that they open from the top so that it is easier for hot air to escape the room and for a cool breeze to come in as well. The cool breeze won’t make that much of a difference because it is the hot air that usually rises to the top. So if your windows open up at the top, it will be easier for it to escape.

But the next thing you want to make sure of, is having a door or a window somewhere lower in the kitchen. Somewhere around your chest height should be good enough. This is so that the cool air could easily come in.

So when you’re cooking or working in the kitchen, you want to make sure that both these windows are open for proper ventilation