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Let’s be honest, most kitchens you see nowadays all look the same. They have the same minimalist design, colors and storage spaces. There’s nothing new going around. Nothing that would make you look twice and ask the homeowner about it. We want to change that. We want your kitchen that have that wow factor that your guests would ask about and try to get the same things done for their kitchens as well.

And make no mistake, these things don’t have to be major changes in your kitchen. These can be minor changes. Things like a different kitchen cabinet design with partitions inside them so that you never have to think twice whether you’re grabbing that bottle of salt or sugar. It has happened with all of us at some point in our lives.

We also make sure that we don’t limit ourselves to just small remodeling projects. If you’re bored with your kitchen and want to do a complete overhaul, we are there for you. In fact, these complete overhaul projects are the ones that we are most passionate about. This gives you and us the full freedom to let our creativity run wild and come with designs that are nothing short of magnificent and practical at the same time.

That’s the balance we are always looking for. We want things to look amazing, but also practical so your day to day activities are not being hindered just because you wanted to make things look a certain way. We think that should never be the goal. There should be a perfect balance of good aesthetics with practical use. So things are exactly where you want them to be, while still having enough space in the kitchen so that you’re not bumping into other people while cooking.


What’s Different With Aurora’s Kitchen Remodeling Team?

We understand that your kitchen is the heart of your house. So we want to make sure that it is beautiful and that it’s also a place where people would love to hang out, spend time with their family and just have fun. And of course have dinners in there because it’s a kitchen (duh!). But you can’t do all of that if things don’t look and feel great.

That’s where we come in. We hop on a consultation with you and ask the current bottlenecks you’re facing in your kitchen right now.

What would you like to change?

How would that improve things for you?

How would the end result look like to you?

Once we go through those things with you, then we will come up with a kitchen remodeling plan with you based on the answers you give us. We try to get that on paper so we can visualize it and be on the same page with you. This helps us understand exactly what you’re looking for and if there will be any issues that you might face with your plan.

We do this because we have years of experience remodeling kitchens for different clients and so we bring that to the table and help you make the best decision based on the type of home you have and your family.

And you guessed it, we customize each and every kitchen according to your personal requirements. Because everyone is different. We do recommend some designs that would be perfect for you but we also make sure that your personality also shows in your design. Or else we won’t recommend it.

At the end of the day, it’s all about designing a kitchen that you would love spending time in – waking up each morning and having breakfast in. That’s the goal and we go above and beyond to achieve that goal.

That’s basically our consultation.

And then if you choose to move forward with us, we can talk about the details – things like the payment structure, the materials we will use to make sure that this thing lasts for decades, if we have insurance to protect you from any liabilities, etc.

We put your goals first. And we make sure that we are on the same page. If we can’t do that, then we don’t take the remodeling project – simple as that.



What If I Need To Change Something In the Middle Of the Renovation Project?

Yep. You can do that as long as the changes are minor to the overall plan that we came up with at the start of the project. Of course we will have to recalculate the total expenditure and if we will require additional materials and labor to make this change, but yes, we accommodate those things as well.

But, if you’d like to change your entire layout/plan once we have already started working on it, we do charge an extra fee for that. That’s mainly because we will have already started working on the older plan and have spent hours of labor and material on it.

We had a client do that before but unlike other companies that just cancel the project, we took the time to sit down with them and talk about it. We wanted to know what made them change their mind and if the new plan was actually better than the previous one.

Turns out, it wasn’t better that the previous plan because they didn’t take into account the space they had allocated to their kitchen. They wanted it to look like one of those cooking TV shows. Which do look great but the same design just wasn’t achievable with the type of kitchen they had.

We did however included aspects of that design in the older layout which did bring a huge smile on their faces. We love doing these things.


I want my kitchen to look like one of those TV shows. Can you do that?

That depends on the area of your kitchen and whether or not you will be compromising functionality for aesthetics.

Remember, the kitchens and rooms you see in those TV shows are set pieces. People don’t live in them. Their main goal is aesthetics even if it means they are compromising on functionality. They want it to look good on TV.

Your requirements would be opposite of that (unless you’re a producer. We work with them too 😊), you want to focus on functionality and aesthetics – have a perfect balance of them.

But as we mentioned in the question above, we can’t make the kitchen look EXACTLY how it looks on the TV. We can however add the feel of it – things like color, cabinet designs, types of stoves/ovens, etc.

Here’s the caveat though, and you’ll realize this during our consultation. We first make sure that we understand what your requirements are and the reason why you are going through with a remodeling project. That’s when we will help you prioritize what things you want to focus on.

So let’s say you don’t like that your oven sticks out of the wall. It just takes unnecessary space and you’d rather have it inside the wall so you can have more space to move around. That’s the highest priority because movement is important in a kitchen. If you can move freely, you can do more things more efficiently.


How much will it cost to remodel my kitchen?

That depends on how big the project is. If you’re looking to do a complete overhaul of your entire kitchen, then you can easily end up spending more than $15000. Some people even spend upwards of $50,000 for a complete remodel. But that usually falls under a luxury remodel.

If you’re just looking to change around some cabinets, maybe redo a paint job or change your countertops, you could end up spending as little as $5,000 for the whole project.

Again, it depends on the scale of the project, the materials you prefer and the labor charges. But that depends on those 2 things.


Is it a good investment to remodel a kitchen?

We would say Yes. It is great investment to make. Reason why we say that is because it doesn’t matter whether you’re doing it to increase the value of your home, of if you’re just bored of your current kitchen and would like to have a new design. According to the Remodeling magazine, small kitchen remodeling projects earn a return on investment (ROI) of more than 83%.

That means, on average, if you spend $100 on a kitchen remodel, you can expect the value of your home to increase by $83.

I’d say remodeling your kitchen is like printing money. But you can only print so much because there’s a limit where you see diminished returns.

Here’s a simple way to identify whether you’re hitting that ceiling or not –

If the average person would be happy to see your remodeled kitchen, then you’re on the right track.

Anytime you venture into luxury remodels, you are playing a completely different ball game. If you would put your house on the market, your buyers would have to have a net worth that is higher than the average family to consider buying your house.

But it’s a good thing because if you’re living in such a house, then it also means that you have a higher than average net worth 😊